Hello Electroqueer readers – Happy Sunday to you.  We are still enjoying our cup of coffee and looking at the stack of dishes that’s piled up since Friday, but decided that it would be lots more fun to do our follow-up post on Popshow instead.  So here goes…


Another shot of Madison and his fabulous dancers with pink foreheads!  We love Madison’s style – he’s gonna bring back belts in a big way we think!  You can purchase some of Madison’s tracks including a great club mix of ‘Agitation’ over at www.ishouldbesolucky.com/madison



We didn’t catch Beyond’s performance in full as we were stuck at the bar, but from what we heard, they sound like they are set to be the new Liberty XPopjustice gives them big kudos as their mosst promising new act.  Good luck to em.



Swany from Switch22 exclaims, "Dude I think I see my spaceship! I see home!"  A Switch22 fan asked EQ on the night if Swany and he were related.  Awww – asian pride man!  Don’t frak with us REAL asians, we’ll karate chop you in half.  LOL.  OK, Electroqueer has been watching too many episodes of Battlestar Galactica lately.  Our two new favorite things – Battlestar Galactica and Switch22.



Sexy Matthew from Jean strikes a pose on their fanatstic set and gets all the boys and girls in the audience hot and bothered with his magical eye-makeup.  We like Jean a lot and everyone should check them out on MySpace now.  We’ve been listening to ‘Electric Legs’ for months – hot track and hot band.



Here is another little pic of the Digital boys performing ‘Dancefloor Officer’ and ‘Get Ya Kit Off’Baz and Josh from Digital are the nicest guys and we wish Digital the best of luck in their upcoming gigs!



Brit Chix are hoping to rock your pop socks off.  We have to say as soon as they came on-stage we thought, ‘oh no’.  But the minute they opened with their rock-anthem ‘Brit Chix United’ we thought, "Hey these chix are alright.  Cute, spunky, and proud to be British – that’s rad."  Check em out on MySpace today!  Congrats to the Brit Chix as they have lined up a gig opening for Electric Six in March!