Happy Saturdays EQs.

You may have noticed some mini-posts or what everyone is calling "tweets" on the blog.  Yes, EQ has started micro-bloggin and you'll be able to hear all our in-between blog post nonsense whether you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or just here on le EQ blog.

Now on with today's music recommendations…

EQ reader JD never stops when it comes to discovering and sharing his quality music tunage with us over on EQ and we totally love him to pieces.  Today he has recommended Tommy Sparks new video to us called "She's Got Me Dancing" which is a cross between Gladiators, Scissor Sisters and Barbarella.  It's disco fabulous and the dude shoots lazers out of his man boobs!


I have a soft spot for this little american duo called The Wideband Network.  I've blogged about them before as I think they are terribly underrated.  They have a new song coming out in April called "Bad Days" which is out of this world – solid stuff.  Take a look at their teaser video for their new album below and make sure to check them out on MySpace – I hope these guys get the recognition they deserve.  EQ approved.

Are you interested in coming to the Simon Henwood Exhibition/Book Launch next week on March 31st in London?  EQ has been given an exclusive guest list for this event which also features a live DJ set by the one and only Roisin Murphy and the fantastic Jodie Harsh.  There is also something VERY EQ happening at this event which we are sworn to secrecy about.  They only way you can get there is by being a member of the EQ Facebook Group and RSVP'ing on the invite.  

Come rub elbows and knock back cocktails with Simon Henwood, Roisin Murphy and all us other like-minded EQs for this very special event!