Hello EQs – Happy Monday to you!  I just want to take a moment to thank Will-W for pouring his heart into the features he's been penning for EQ.  Make sure you check out his latest interview with Lights which is a fun read. I love having guest bloggers on EQ because it opens my perspective on other acts that peope are diggin that fly past my radar – I don't think I would have knew about Lights if it wasn't for Will's enthusiasm about her.  And with that, here's this week's batch of random rants…


Antigone will once again be joining us for Electroqueer @ Underbelly on 6th March.  The queen of EQ returns for her third ride on the EQ stage after a promotional tour of Australia and in preparation for her album and single release for "Promiscuity" – finally!  I have officially put "Antigoneland" in my top 25 favourite records of all time that you can check out on EQ's Facebook page.

The most excellent Gaymonkey records have signed a new Paris based electronic artist called MaJiKer that I've been checking out recently.  I quite like his electro-ballad "Flesh And Bone" and the whimsical piano driven "Strings & Wires".  Absolutley dee-vine stuff that I think you'll like too.  MaJiKer is working on his debut album "Body-Piano-Machine" that I can't wait to hear – the tracks on MySpace have me very curious…think Imogen Heap people…There is also a free download of a track called "Tongue" that is up for sampling right now too!  Enjoy!

Boogaloo Stu is going to release his next single "Hammer To Fall" at the end of March which features the silky vocals of Lucy Bundy, duetting on a story of two sparring ex-lovers.  He's also going to re-issue his funtastic album "Enough About You…Let's Talk About Me" in a limited edition CD format on April 13th featuring bonus tracks and videos – Amazing, a must have for me – and you too EQs!

What is EQ fave Petros doing with James Franco?!!! Oh my!


Empire Of The Sun proved that they are a hit in Australia already as their album peaked at number 2 and since the UK knows wants a piece of them too, Virgin Records has officially decided to release "Walking On A Dream" which is out today!  I even saw a huge poster of them plastered inside a tube station today.  I'm holding out for some more cool videos/tracks from them before I give my verdict – the album is ok, but something tells me these boys are more about the visual than just songs alone…

Congrats to Parralox whom after receiving high praise from Perez Hilton had to get more albums pressed!  You know a lot of people bitch about Perez and sometimes I don't like what he writes either, but you have to hand it to him - he sure can help out a good electro band who are trying to make themselves known.  I've also just heard the radio edit to "Sharper Than A Knife" and it's sounding HOT.

And finally I leave you Röyksopp's new song "Happy Up Here" which I fucking love – it's just so cute.