The weekend has gone by way too fast. Sigh. I saw that movie “The Strangers” last night. Fucking scary. Scott Speedman is pretty dreamy too as you would expect. Hated the ending though. Also saw Cassette Electrik perform at their single launch for 28 Days too – they were amazing and their new video is something else too! Can’t wait to see them perform at Electroqueer@Barcode next week now! But until then, here’s what’s brewing and more hot than hot…

One band on my hot tip is definitely The Gadsdens. I’ve seen live a few times now and really enjoy their stuff. They have uploaded a few new songs on their Myspace called “To Love You” and “I Killed Love” which are really fab. In fact, if you take a few moments to listen to all the songs on their MySpace player, you’ll really get a feel for how their album is shaping up. It truly is one of THE albums I am most looking forward to. I can’t wait to hear the final recorded version of “Tuscon” as well – it’s hot.


Holy shit. EQ reader Rob G has pointed me in the direction of a new electro glam trio called Pandering & The Golddiggers who are mezzzzzmerizzzzing. Listen to “Disco Bloodbath” and you’ll be like “holy shit” as well. It’s that fab. And to quote Rob G, “Parisian Cafe is freaky!”. I agree – more on Pandering & The Golddiggers to come…

Making sure that we don’t forget about him, Darren Hayes continues to upload some gems and lost songs from “This Delicate Thing We Made” to his MySpace. This time we are treated to a pop diddy called “The Wrong Way” which you can download now. The next big project in world Darren Hayes is the release of his new concept movie “This Delicate Film We’ve Made” which will be released in December.


Temposhark’s cover of “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry is rather ace. They should perform it at their next show, with more synths and beats.

I can’t stop listening to New Kids On The Block new album, “The Block”. I think I listened to it four times yesterday and it’s A LOT better than I was expecting. It’s very electro-tinged which I wasn’t quite expecting. It’s definitely got a lot of soulful melody as well which makes it very pop and relevant too. I quite like “Full Service” which is their collaboration with New Edition. I probably like it more than Lady Gaga’s album actually which says something. I think people will be saying “I can’t believe that’s the New Kids?!” when they hear it.

I am fully aware that the whole world thinks the Ladyhawke album is amazing. I haven’t heard it yet. I know bad EQ, bad EQ. It’s like everything I listen to though, the more people tell me I HAVE to listen to something, the more it goes on the backburner because I have to discover it myself before I can get obsessed with it. I’ll make an effort to do my homework this week on it though – promise.

And finally, poor Robyn doesn’t exactly have a personal relationship with Madonna yet but still feels honored to be supporting her on the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Check out some lo-fi clips here and here of Robyn gracing that Sticky & Sweet stage. Wish Robyn would play the 11th September show in London as well.