Menya is one of the freshest groups to come out of New York City if you ask me.

Their last track "Oh!" was one of the coolest tracks to be released back in March and was a staple at our EQ club nights.  Although their image isn't exactly the most polished and slick as you would expect from aspiring pop stars, their attitude and pop groovers keep them relevant in the race to be "the next big thing".  

In preparation for a mixtape release in October and more original material debuting in September, Menya has put together some great homeade viral video covers of Kelly Clarkson's "I Don't Not Hook Up" and 3oh!3 "Don't Trust Me" called "Ho's Revenge" which is downright funny.  Take a look at them both after the jump and enjoy this linkage to download the mp3s.  

Seriously EQs, make sure Menya is on your radar.  I could totally see them as being New York City's answer to Alphabeat given the right molding and belief in their unique quirky brand of electronic hip pop.