Max 3

Max Vernon is one of my favourite emerging new acts from New York City. You may remember when I introduced him on EQ back in March.  Max is currently planning a series of new EPs and is about to release the first one called "Manic Impression" which features key song "Around Your Finger" that is a glorious little piece of jazzy wonky pop. 

I asked Max to give us a little insight into "Around Your Finger" and this is what he had to say:

"Around Your Finger" makes reference to some of my earliest experiences in NYC. I met a lot of glamorous big personalities who were charismatic and fun. Unfortunately, that beauty and vibrancy only existed on the surface… The more I got to know them, the more I witnessed how they were just generally despicable people, so the whole illusion kind of fell apart. 

So, in short…the song is a bit of a character assassination piece! I wanted to make sure though that it didn't come across as being too bitter, but rather had a sense of humor. The kind of jaunty, honky tonky piano line just seemed to fit the mood of the lyrics best.

Make sure to check out Max Vernon and "Around Your Finger" on MySpace.

Definitely one to keep watching EQs…