Torrance 1

Aspiring pop talent Matt Torrance comes to us from the windy city of Boston and alike to the much fabled climatic conditions of Matt’s whereabouts, there is every reason to get carried away by his pop offerings also.

As a one-man force currently in the throes of his own self made pop evolution, Matt demonstrates his aptitude in turning out tuneworthy electro pop diddies that engage and illuminate with a natural born flair of all encompassed artistry.

In insight take a listen to the current demos that Matt is presenting as he works towards his debut album, as we think you’ll be more than a little won over by his emerging pop talent.

Step into the headlights with Matt as he brings out the bouncy pop goodness on the especially electrolicious track “Red”.

Demonstrative of Matt’s experimental dexterity “Obsessed” impacts as a confident and ingeniously grabbing mix of hip-pop that is carried by an infectiously assertive vibe.

As “Stereotype” leaves a more urban leaning impression in a BIG tune worthy manner securing that Matt can practically turn his hand to many pop genre variants and do them all just as well as each other.