Marlene 3

A new Swedish singer popped up on my radar yesterday via a contingent of Swedish pop singers spreading word through my social media profiles.

The direction they have all been centring too is to that of Stockholm based pop newcomer Marlene and her dreamy electro tinged track “Bon Voyage”.

Sure, it pretty much goes without saying that the end product is nothing but a quality production but interestingly it’s not strictly all of a Swedish nature. Infact, the lusciously sun kissed ambience “Bon Voyage” gives off is from France under a Swedish veil, being that it has the added touch of guidance from one third of French electro pop phenomenon Yelle’s keyboardist /producer Tepr, alongside the emerging production name of Myd whose known for his tropical leaning interpretations.

Group up Tepr and Myd together with Marlene’s sultry vocals and you have a sublimely glowing debut effort that sways and soars perfectly, both melodically and rhythmically as an elegantly poised sound of summer.