In this EQ Music interview, we sit down with the skillful DJ and Producer, Manu P, to explore the roots of his musical journey and the influences that have shaped his career in Electronic music. From early inspirations to contemporary influences, Manu P shares insights into how his music has evolved over time; he also shares some insights about the importance of staying attuned to the changing Electronic music landscape. Join us as we learn more about this talented artist.

Hey Manu, how are you?
All good, and you?

Not to bad at all, thank you. Can you take us back to the very start, who was the first artist that inspired you to start a career within Electronic Music?
Probably then, as now, the first artists who brought me into the scene were Sven Vath, Joris Voorn, and Richie Hawtin.

Can you recall any live events that you have found particularly inspirational over the years?
Certainly, around 2010-2011, I fondly remember a performance by Sven Vath in Frankfurt when the Cocoon Club still existed. It was the day before Timewarp.

Are there any non-Electronic Music genres that you enjoy listening to that you feel have influenced your sound?
It might sound strange, but I listen to all music genres, and I like to draw inspiration from everything.

Do you find inspiration outside of music? If so, how?
Very often, I draw inspiration when I go mountain biking. When it’s just me and nature, I think about many things, and sometimes I bring those thoughts into my music.

Who are your standout artists in terms of those you find most inspirational now?
Currently, I believe that one of the most prominent artists in the Tech House scene is Mochakk. For the Melodic House/Techno scene, certainly Anyma.

Have your musical inspirations evolved as you have developed as an artist?
YES, I definitely think so. Before, I was more focused on one genre. Now, I’ve realized that if you want to be a top-notch artist, you need to understand and be able to play every facet of the Electronic genre and understand the audience you have in front of you.

How much of what you listen to affects your production style, if at all? Or do you find that your own personal music tastes are separate from the kind of music you produce?
I try to produce something similar to what I play. If I don’t like a record I produce, and I don’t play it, it can never work.

What are some of your favorite artists outside of Electronic Music?
I listen to a lot of music, but I don’t have a favorite artist.

As your style continues to evolve, do you find yourself gravitating back towards your earlier influences, or are you constantly searching for new inspiration?
It’s a mix of both. You definitely need to stay up-to-date.

As our conversation with Manu P draws to a close, we can certainly say, we’ve learned more about the musical journey of this talented DJ and producer. From his early inspirations to his current influences, Manu P’s commitment to evolving and embracing the diverse facets of Electronic music shines through. We thank his for his time and wish him the best on his upcoming projects and releases.

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