Luigi Masi is back EQs and he’s got a great new pop single coming out in May that he wants you to know about.  It’s called “Armed With Love” and you can listen to it below.  It’s pretty good actually.  

Seems that 2009 warrants a change in image for the young Mr. Masi too.  He’s grown his hair out, discovered that tight fitting blouses look rather good on him and he’s opting for the serious look rather than the smiley one.  I’d say definitely go with that one Luigi – your target pop audience appreciates it.

So here’s “Armed With Love” – another excellent pop song from Luigi Masi.  Luigi told me it was “a bit of a grower”, but I don’t think so – it’s an instant pop gem if you ask me…and Luigi has quite a few of them in his secret album stash – that, I’m sure of.