Just like Robbie Williams, I was 1974-born and I didn’t really have the full effect of having lived through the disco era. The first albums I ever bought were Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” and Wham!’s “Make It Big” on cassette tape. It wasn’t until I went to college and started hanging out with like-minded people that I truly got exposed to what disco really was. Those Donna Summer tracks like “Last Dance” and “Hot Stuff” lit-up my flame during my party nights in the mid-90’s while Yvonne Elliman’s rendition of “If I Can’t Have You” truly remains my favourite disco song of all time. Disco was dramatic – it had violins! It was about dressing up and being happy. Some say disco had died, but every few years, it comes back and I get to live it and it makes me feel alive.

There hasn’t been a band in a long time that truly brings disco back the way it’s supposed to be. That is until you’ve had a proper listen to Paleday’s new album “Love The Groove”. On a whim, I attended one of Paleday’s live parties in London and I left with the feeling of utter musical refreshment. Paleday are fabulous live performers and stay nothing but true to the disco vein. If you like to dance and have a true appreciation for disco and pop like I do – Paleday’s album will not, I repeat “will not” disappoint you.

From the opening anthem “Eurotramp” you’ll be strutting your stuff instantly. “Bimbo (Funky In Your Disco)” is a fantastic track about letting your inner diva come out and play at your local mirror-balled establishment. “Blue Sky” is the albums finest pop moment which highlights the band’s genius and crowd pleasing songwriting skills. “If I Lived On The Moon” is a sweet pop gem that closes the “Love The Groove” show. So many moments on this album just swell with sunshine and happiness. In a world of angry artists and exploitative tabloids talents, it’s nice to hear that Paleday keep it happy and upbeat. Sure “Love The Groove” doesn’t have any huge political message nor is it a super colloboration with the latest superstar, but it is something fresh and it takes one of the best eras of music and breathes new life into it – so much so that your head will explode with glitter!

We are so excited to have Paleday at our Electroqueer Launch Party on June 19th. If you’re looking to dust off those platforms and frizz out your fro, then make sure you are there Eurotramps!