There is nothing better than a calm track to ease you into the new week. “Metal and Dust” by London Grammar is a beautifully arranged song that will touch your soul. My heart crumbled when I heard the flawless combination of melodies and production.

Singer Hannah Reid gives a powerful performance that allows you to connect with her as she sings the song of a broken heart. The new trio from London blew my speakers tonight with their heart to heart style. The track draws you in slowly as she belts her pain at the peak of the mid-tempo tune. It reminded me of the way blues singers illustrate their story in music. “Metal and Dust” is music you can feel.

Lyrics and vocals are the centerpiece for London Grammar. It is refreshing to hear a new artist whose voice is the most memorable part of the record. Beats have become a such a musical focal point so it is always great to find artists whose production orbits the voice. “Metal and Dust” is the title track from their forthcoming EP available February 25.

The powerful single follows the success of their debut, “Hey Now.” It looks like a promising start for the trio. I am excited for more!