by Raj Rudolph

You can't keep a hot bitch down.

After an early version of Lolene's fantastic electro-pop album "The Electrik Hotel" leaked online and having gone through the classic "great pop album sat on a shelf" sceario with EMI, Lolene decided that it was time to reinvent herself and is full throttle on the up-an-up again.

Lolene has just announced a new EP entitled "She's Got A Pulse" and it is slated for a December release. You can bet we'll have our eyeballs peeled as we wait impatiently for new music from the talented and quirky songstress that brought us amazing pop tunes in way of "Sexy People", "Rich (Fake It Till You Make It)" and "Lion Heart".

As of now, you can finally get the full, completed version of "The Electrik Hotel" online on this link. All proceeds of the online album release will go to Lolene (not her former record label) and aside from enjoying one of the most underrated albums of pop from 2010, you'll also get a taste for why we think Lolene has always been one to watch in the world of pop.

Download "The Electrik Hotel" here.