One band I've definitely had my eye on for quite awhile are the mysterious, yet fantastically cool Loebeat. 

Their unique style and sassy tracks "Music Boy" and "Come And Get It" have delightfully lit up my iPod with rockin shades of Grace Jones, PJ Harvey and Kate Bush served up with a nu-retro sound that isn't easily ignored.

I was really interested to find out a little bit about the songs and go a bit "behind-the-music" with Loebeat, so the girls Dicey and Lula have generously provided EQ readers with a little bit of background about their key tracks "Break Your Heart", "Come And Get It" and "Music Boy" – which you can listen to over on their MySpace page right now.

Take it away girls…

"Break Your Heart" is a feisty love song. It's about the games that
can be played in relationships, and about getting what you deserve.
Love is  a complex beast and this song focuses on not letting
heartbreak get the best of you.

"Come And Get It" is about standing up for what you believe in and
having the passion to actually do something rather than just talk about
it. It's good to be ambitious and think big but we believe that the
harder you work, the more 'luck' comes your way. That's what it's
about; dare to dream, work hard and most of all…be happy!

"Music Boy" is about the feeling we all get when we fall in love
with a performer. Whether it's a busker on a street corner or an icon
in a packed arena, an incredible performer can truly capture you and
make you believe you're the only person they're singing to. It's about
that magic moment and the almost possessive quality of that feeling.

Loebeat have just confirmed their appearance at the next EQ Live night on November 21st along with Waterloo, Temposhark, The Good Natured, KCAT and Rodrigo Moratto! 

Make sure you don't miss it!