Paloma Faith

By Mandy Rogers

How did I come to find myself at a Paloma Faith concert? Well, it was kind of a mercy request from my sister whose a massive fan and wanted someone to accompany her. My knowledge of Paloma prior to this was very weak on the music front and I also thought she was too soul for me.  I can lay claim to being intrigued by Paloma’s dazzlingly candid personality and her sometimes-outlandish fashion sense. I have often seen her on TV shows and such and she has struck me as quite a hoot to be around really, so that being said the answer back to my sister was – yes.

Once committed to attending I decided I was going to go with the flow and turn myself into a Paloma-doll for the evening, just as well really, for a fair share of the female population of the audience glamour was also on their minds and there was quite a sea of prom dresses, sparkle and lots of flowers in hair amongst us.

Curtain up! Oh how we were we foxed by Miss Foxy, when she entered stage wearing a chintzy turban instead, as she majestically appeared to the epic strains of “When You’re Gone”. Infact, from the moment I set eyes upon her I have to say I was quite literally star-struck just by looking at her, which continued through next track “Blood Sweat And Tears” and practically the whole set beyond.

Through-out the performance Paloma completely delighted the packed audience by engaging with us in her kooky and friendly manner sending ripples of chuckles throughout the auditorium firstly by encouraging the crowd to get out of their seats, as she found it weird performing to a firmly seated venue. She made it quite clear that even chair dancing was allowed!

Why was she here on stage in Ipswich? She told us she was now bored after writing and her latest album “Fall To Grace” so she was here to play to us. Queued of enough hints, the audience adheres and gets up on its feet and stayed there all night.

The introductory section was brought circle by bringing back to stage our fabtastic support act that evening Seye (pronounced Cher).  I had actually heard of him before through my blogging, I knew he was brother to Metronomy’s Olugbenga, but what I didn’t realise was that he was previously part of Paloma’s band and played an instrumental part in her 2009 career debut “Do you Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful”.  As Paloma pointed out it was only right to welcome part of her extended music family back to perform with her, to which they absolutely stomped out one of her most notable debut numbers “Cold Stone Sober”.

Before attending the night’s performance I had acquainted myself with the latest album “Fall To Grace” and I must say I was hugely impressed, its something I probably would not have thought to give a listen at all in the first instance. It is a very sleek, professional, epic collection of songs whilst also being pop friendly and I feel worthy of worldwide acclaim. There are now many tracks on it that I have absolutely fallen in love with and thankfully the bulk of them where covered on show night “Let Your Love Walk In”, “Agony”, “Let Me Down Easy”, “Black and Blue”, “Just Be” they all shined with similar effect of just pure magic

It all slotted together seamlessly by Paloma picking off her back catalogue “Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful”, “New York”  stepping up the audience participation on “Upside Down”.

The moment I’d been waiting for all night to be honest was for the forthcoming single “30 Minute Love affair” – beyond perfect. By this time the audience was firmly spellbound anyway by her gracefulness and her overall personality that glowed with absolute joy that we were there and that she was performing to us. I cannot stress enough she was such an infectious bundle of happiness and you could feel it transcending and absorbing itself amongst us.

Those three magical moments + led to unveiling a newish fun track “Cellulite” that was written at the same time as the new album, but didn’t make the final playlist, as it was thought perhaps not within keeping of the majority feel of the album.  We were encouraged by Paloma to shake, shake our wobbly bits and be proud of them. The message being body perfection comes within being at one with yourself and enjoying life. I now have plenty of wobbly bits to shake so I totally embraced and got into the spirit of it, as did we all.

The encore brought out the full production scenario of special effects on “Streets Of Glory”, and “Freedom” whereupon us audience members were literally rained upon in what seemed a downpour of glittery paper, to the like I have never quite seen before. We were well and truly now blinged up in golden glitz.  So even the chaps in the audience didn’t dip out on the razzle dazzle dressed in their jeans.

In a rousing performance of her recent No 2 chart placed single "Picking Up The Pieces Paloma was gone, but what she left with me was the undisputable fact of what a mega-star in-waiting she really is.

Potentially Paloma has the presence and talent enough to be up there with Adele in popularity stakes, definitely a blossoming world wide career beckons after what I was party too this evening. I know America is only now waking up to hear her, but I feel sure once they do, they are going to take to her with similar affection.

It turned out that from my initial scepticism I had a wholly enjoyable evening, which I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat again. However, I’ll leave my 5 inch heels at home in the shoe cupboard, they were murderous, just flowers and glamour next time!

Further UK Tour dates for 2013 are on sale now (details HERE)

Fall From Grace” by Paloma Faith is available now through itunes

Fall to Grace - Paloma Faith