There is an art to composing sonically, potent chillwave tracks especially, when ensuring little subtleties are discovered with each, and every listen. When I first heard (ex-Magic! drummer) Alexander Vincent’s debut single “I Won’t” I was struck by the sumptuous, feeling it evoked at the stroke of just a few minimal chords and softly cooed vocal harmonising. Whoever it was who first said, music is food for the soul couldn’t be more right to say this about “I Won’t” when it is has a passionate yet tender sound which is unexpectedly full of gentle, soft, electronic styled surprises.

Over the years Alexander Vincent has steadily been making a name for himself as a producer. His work extends from arena anthems to home studio bangers, yet he’s really, changed tack and come out with delicate and soulful grooves when going in on his debut release. Alexander’s blend of lush, expansive harmonies and dreamy atmospherics forges new sonic realms and eclectically captivating soundscapes. Listeners are sure to be enchanted, by the spell this contemplative and mesmerising track will cast.

The song is an enticing dip into the melancholy with soft-spoken vocals to amplify, this emotion playing even easier on the ear than the supremely relaxed, sounds of James Blake. The minimalist melody allows the song to evolve in unexpected and soothing ways falling somewhere in between instinct and innovation. Alexander’s carefully-crafted sound balances catchy electronic-pop sensibilities with engrossing sonic layers creating a gamut of emotions. I have no hesitation in mentioning Alexander Vincent is a mesmerising orchestrator of sound loops, and their ever revolving sonic allure found in the delicate electronic-pop ballad “I Won’t” is nothing short of a spellbinding first taste of what’s to come.

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Twitter: @_alexvince