Today, I’m thrilled to kick off my post-holiday blog coverage with an exciting new release from Cherry Cherry Boom Boom – (aka Martin Kierszenbaum). Martin is a true multitasker, serving as the Founder and CEO of the renowned Cherrytree Records. Furthermore, he is the manager for pop sensations like Sting and Shaggy. On top of that, however, he’s an accomplished producer and songwriter, having worked with big names such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Robyn, and Halsey (co-writer). Martin also shares his own music under both his real name and the pseudonym Cherry Cherry Boom Boom. His latest release, “You’re the Wish,” showcases his diverse talents. Including vocals, guitar, bass, vocoder, and keyboards, all written, arranged, performed, and produced by Martin, himself. It’s always a delight to experience his new creations whenever these pop up amidst his busy schedule.

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Upon immersing myself in “You’re the Wish,” I couldn’t help but appreciate how Martin embraces a bold and skilful use of synths, which harkens back to his earlier, distinctive music styling. For instance, the reintroduction of the iconic cherry cherry boom boom hook line. When enhanced by a touch of nostalgic vocoder, added a delightful sense of familiarity. However, what truly sets “You’re the Wish” apart is its ability to pave a new path for Cherry Cherry Boom Boom. Firstly, the track elegantly showcases Martin’s multifaceted musical abilities. And furthermore, secondly pairs them with a charming lyrical narrative that conveys a sweetly, profound message of mutual love and connection.

You’re the Wish‘ reflects Martin’s boundless creativity as he continues carving out his own distinct musical path. Notably, the sense given off is that the release is a genuine labour of love. Moreover, driven solely by the desire to create music and share it with others. The hope is that the music will resonate with listeners and moreover, create a meaningful connection through its authentic message.

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