Kerli 2

We are here to raise your awareness of a Californian based producer who is now really gaining some attention.

Going by the name of Seven Lions, Jeff Montalvo has spent the last couple of years busying away at sharpening up his EDM skills whilst experimenting with strands of progressive dubstep, bedded in a hybrid fashion of exploration. And it seems that now is the time that Seven Lions comes to his own pop pinnacle with the release of the “Worlds Apart” EP.

Seven Lions uniquely pioneering skills-set goes before him, and through this immense showing of visionary talent, has sent the producer within the top circles of DJ performance spinning sets at many of the major renowned festivals, the world over. In turn raising the Seven Lions profile to attract some of pop’s most intriguingly creative talents; Ellie Goulding, Tove Lo and Kerli collaborate with him on the “Worlds Apart” EP.

It is the Kerli assisted title track which heads up this release.

The Estonian mother moonchild, is definitely a substantial asset to be joined with on a club orientated release. No stranger to the club dance arena herself, Kerli has always retained her vibrant visual authenticity and bubble goth composure throughout the twists and turns of her successful music career. To be involved with a Seven Lions project seems a well-matched scenario for two such visionary responsive artists.

Breaking new ground Seven Lions and Kerli each interlace their creative strengths to unveil “Worlds Apart”. Seven Lions creates a sound-scape of EDM that is shaped, contorted and meshed with a multi-splayed delivery of electronic elements, through dubstep to tech and progressive electronica leaning attributes to produce a melodically otherworldly theme which is enriched and equally accepting to Kerli’s ethereally stung vocals.

The intricacies teamed with the euphorically beguiling nature of this track make it one of a kind and an exhilaratingly distinctive showcase of experimental EDM imagining.