I’ve had many conversations with my son Luke about Augustine, a Swedish songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. My son has been listening to the dreamy alt-pop tracks from this artist for a while. Furthermore, my son has tried to convince me to feature him on the blog, but until now, his efforts have been futile. Although, I almost caved in once before, I decided to write about Augustine today because I really enjoy the shimmering disco aesthetic used in his latest single, “Woman.” It’s the first single from his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Youth and Why It Ends,’ coming out November 3.

There’s a certain sense of nostalgia and yearning that comes through in Augustine’s music and makes it compelling. It’s quite different from many other emerging Swedish musicians currently dominating the pop scene with their polished, radio-friendly songs. Last year, Augustine’s debut album “Weeks Above the Earth” earned nominations for ‘Best Album’ as well as ‘Best Alt-Pop’ at the Swedish Grammis. As I’ve been listening to his music, I noticed that he employs an aesthetic reminiscent of Australian dream-pop acts like Empire of the Sun or Gypsy and the Cat. It’s a really unique sound that sets him apart from the crowd.

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I feel, based on the upcoming album title “Youth And Why It Ends,” and “Woman,” that we are getting a glimpse of at least one theme. About growing up, settling down, perhaps.

Explaining “Woman,” Augustine says,

Woman” is the starting point for the album and is about a desire to be able to help someone who is so important to you. The person who is the light in all the darkness, for someone who has been still for a very long time. She who has awakened something within you and made everything start moving again.”

I think we’ve all had someone like that in our lives at one point or another. Am I right?

Autumn of 2023, is finally time for a new album from Augustine, which will then be followed in 2024 with a tour. (So far, Scandinavian dates were revealed details HERE) – Stay tuned for magic!

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