Pati Yang  

By Mandy Rogers

It wasn’t so far back that we became aware of the absolutely vibrant electronic music music scene that was rising to prominence in Russia, it was as if Sweden had somehow whispered it’s secret pop formula to the nation and the good stuff just kept rolling out.  Of late, Poland is certainly coming through with some of it’s own master strokes of genius and it’s great to see another Baltic lining Country picking up the baton on the wealth of it’s neighbouring pop pals. 

Riding on a glittering wave of career long critical acclaim in Poland, eclectically nurtured electronic artist Pati Yang, is out to break her auditory expressive theatrical sound here in the UK with her “Wires and Sparks EP”. A release that carries itself with great musical prowess, gained in experience from Pati’s previous bands Children and FlyKKller

The EP as a whole is delightfully bittersweet in texture, from its crisp foundation in title track “Wires and Sparks” as it crackles with tingling goth emotion, fed on an early Depeche Mode vibe, that leads into a warm melodramatic crescendo of quite softly presented vocals by comparison. This definitely, blows a kiss back to the early post-punk days of early nu-wave.

As the EP progresses, it continues to unveil layers of intelligently crafted tenebrous glamour, stretching out into an impassioned calling on “Let It Go”, which rocked us powerfully with the same raw emotion of Shakespears SisterStay”.  Whilst “Take A While”, presents creativity in parallel with Kate Bush, that then bursts innovatively brandishing a huge nod to Massive Attack, both soaring and sublime at the same time. This is glorious work only a performer of such grounding could possibly pull-off.  As the EP draws close on “Breaking Waves” there is no let up in its theatrical steam, as it pours out more eclectic essence of Kate Bush than the lady herself, has probably  heard such an impressively matched in vocal for sometime.

In the current soundscape, Pati Yang, might be looked upon as an obscurity, but we think her eclectic charm along with her accomplished musicianship, that has been overseen in production on this EP and it’s soon to be released follow up by Joe Cross who delivered Hurts critically acclaimed album “Happiness”, will see that there is a ripple of excitement forming for her work, among a cultured and musicality appreciative clientele.