Pati Yang

By Mandy Rogers

Pati Yang’s Wires and Sparks” EP produced by Joe Cross continues to intrigue and round-up interest in the eclectically charming performer, following it’s release back in early April.

We haven’t got long to wait either for it’s follow-up, which Pati will be getting on the animal trend of it, in releasing “Hold Your Horses” planned for a scheduled July release.

Stemming the breach in-between. Pati is back to showcase her material at the “Macbeth” in London on May 29th and in celebration is offering out a juggernaut of spectacular electro fire, in a FREE remix of EP title track “Wires and Sparks” by esteemed producer Jagz Kooner

I have to say this is all sounding rather alternatively electro exciting! as is the news that Pati’s forthcoming album is a collaborative effort from Jagz Kooner and "Hurts" album producer Joe Cross.

If this remix is any indication of what’s in store on the album, count my pre-order pending.