Troye Sivan

Photo: Ryan Enn Hughes

Let’s put the facts out there first shall we?! Troye Sivan hasn’t delivered anything short of a run of pop gold releases in backing up the “Blue Neighbourhood” album campaign.

From the minute Troye began to offer up teasers to the unveiling of tracks complete and as one of this year’s most talked about emerging artists, Troye has swept the board with his accomplished works as a vocalist, songwriter and performer.

It was the sincere and impassioned track “Wild” which set the ball rolling on the Troye’s epic breakthrough. A track so full of heart and truth that it could not fail to impress. Once listened too, the feelings it stirs up on first listen are not anyway diminished however much you listen to it over and over again. The effect is the same. A snowballing of emotion and a real authentic, incredible heart-leap that Troye is intensely in love. It’s gutsy, you feel it and you know it to be truth.

In every way one of the most beautiful songs that I’d tend to think best to leave it alone. It can’t be improved upon.

This is true “Wild” cannot be improved upon but what can and has happened, is that it can adapt and change up in dynamic a little.

It falls to another breakout star in Canadian soul-pop artist Alessia Cara to be that addition of dynamic which adds quite a different but all the same fresh spin on the superb emotive ballad.

When turned into a duet, Alessia’s addition brings on a poppier presence to “Wild”. The harmonies between Troye and Alessia alone, are nothing but glowing with bone fide emotionally rooted soul. It’s rather like “Wild” has been turned inside out and all the positives are surging forward as in affirmation that an experience has been shared. To be clear, it’s an experience of two shared perspectives but there is common ground and a whole lot of loving support for one another.

When you think your heart couldn’t burst any fuller when listening to “Wild” this new duet goes out of its way to prove that it quite probably will, not unless it’s made of cold hard stone.