Strange Talk

Nothing could have better signalled a new beginning for Australian electronic music duo Strange Talk than plumping for an introduction of their re-considered upbeat sound demographic, by choosing to recently re-emerge to the tune of new material titled “Something’s Bout To Change”.

A clear indicator forged in readiness for the newly revitalised duo to showcase where Strange Talk have now arrived at and more’s to the point where they progress from via the platform of electronic dance pop.

Stephen and Gerard know their way around a catchy tune that’s for, as this has been something which they have carried with them since they first started out all those 5 years ago and maintain working into the fabric of their melodies to this day. This is where Strange Talk are not so much different in approach, only the electronic embraced element of the duo has definitely racked up a notch or two which is pushing them forwards with boundless neon pulsing disco flavour.

Leading into their forthcoming EP release, the duo land “When It Feels So Good” another taster of their re-calibrated sound and which effervesces with a hit of dance floor filling, feel good disco vibes, reverberating in its step.

Strange Talk never set out to be seen as cutting edge, more to be considered as accomplished melody makers. In this field they continue in their growth to showcase this key strength and also successfully take their music over into a whole dance pop dizzying new threshold.