Shura got called out early by the tastemakers as an artist on-the-rise worthy to keep an eye on. After only a couple of releases there she was recognized as a contender on BBC Sound Of 2015 poll, which was no mean feat in itself. In our estimation as well, we’ve not poured anything but praise her way because it’s always been so well earned in my opinion.

The thing with Shura here, is that there have been so many singles now, outnumbered multi-fold probably by the amount of live dates she’s got under her belt and her popularity knows no abounds.

I mean who couldn’t become captivated by Shura’s sonically focused, signature sound when it’s just so time out, after time out again, seductively dreamy?

As time has born out, Shura’s all-round musicianship skills have served her a loyal following and the one thing above all else which is desired most by her captivated audience is the release of her much talked about debut album.

By Shura’s own admission it’s taken a while to get there but I don’t really see it as being an overtly long-time wait because in reality, as an emerging artist Shura was as fresh as you could possibly get to find themselves honoured by the BBC Sound Of poll, in the first instance.

Nevertheless, news that debut album “Nothing’s Real” is set for a summer release is welcome news indeed! That it falls to a summer release, all the more something to look forward to in complement to all the ear bursting pop bangers which will likeliest dominate the sunny seasonal soundscape.

So would we like a peak at another shimmery, synth decorated single before the long player arrives?

That’s the way it all works isn’t it! Shura does not disappoint on that account since, countdown single “What’s It Gonna Be?” is a sun-kissed sound-fix of golden rayed hues to behold.

Well known for bringing the retro sounds of 80’s into her music, it’s to Madonna that we’ve most noticed Shura turning to influence, but I have to say in “What’s It Gonna Be?” I’m noticing a recognizable amount of beach-pop ecstasy as once nostalgically provided by Don Henley’sThe Boy’s Of Summer”.

If that means I’m stuck in the 80’s some way, so be it, but if you don’t so know the track itself, it’s a cracking tune that lit the airwaves way back in 1984.

It’s giving the Shura machine an upbeat kick of hot pop exhilaration, the like of what we haven’t seen Shura enter into before and you know what? It’s radiantly blissful.