We’ve been a little out of touch with the LA residing, nu-disco producing duo BetaBlock3r, whom we care to remember surfaced around the time when the remix hit making RAC collective ventured into a solo career. Infact the project of Chris Bolous and Ryan George did the remixing dibs on RAC’s solo debut effort “Let Go” amongst a few others and decided to forge a similar course for themselves also.

After stepping back to work on their solo creative efforts the duo snuck back last year and planted a couple of these new tracks into the digital atmosphere. Combining the duo’s signature traits of an elixir of electronica and nu-disco funk the releases of “In My Head” and “Out Of Touch” have acted their part in presenting Betablock3r as a front-of-house fronted electronic pop duo.

Now Betablock3r are taking on 2016 with another star pop turn of their own making delivering arrestingly addictive sunshine drenched cali-pop and irresistible funk filtered beats on new single “What You Wanted”.

Summer in January who’d have thunk it? Anyways what is a season nowadays when you can buy strawberries and summer berries all year round! I needs me a fix up for my Seasonal Affective Disorder – or winter blues to you, so am quite into slathering on Betablock3r’s current synthiness all over me like a factor 30 bottle of Sunny-D.