Who would like to listen to a no messing, dance-pop groover that’s boundless of energy and movement? Sweden has it in the way of Gothenburg raised, burgeoning producer (Viktor) Hallman effort “What Do We Do to Love” featuring ELWIN. Just so you are under no illusions, about this one. I was particularly, looking to share a track which is brimming with melody. As soon as I heard this track, I knew I had found what I set out to discover. My, thank you, goes out to Spotify Release Radar playlist, for including the track in my weekly, Friday update.

I feel sure I am not alone in finding the first few days of January, lacking motivation. It’s the short days, dark mornings, days spent under cloud cover and the cooler temperatures of course which make my enthusiasm at having to stay inside, plummet when the weather worsens. I need melodically, upbeat tunes to lift me out of my funk. I realise, white isle tropically flavoured bangers, are kinda looked down upon. Yet I still like to be reminded that summer will eventually arrive. When the need arises, like in January, I cave, into this guilty-pleasure craving to keep, melancholy thoughts from creeping in.

Hallman has been making a name for himself, specifically with these tropically painted, heater tunes. He has over the count of 22 million Spotify streams worth. Not too shabby for someone who is a forklift driver by day, producer by night, is it? Concerning “What Do We Do to Love,” mystery surrounds the collaborator, vocalist, ELWIN. (I cannot find, leads on him anywhere on the internet, and believe me, I HAVE looked.) I really liked the tone in his voice, it has a good splosh of pop sensibility to it. If Avicii were still here, (God rest his soul) he most probably would have snapped him up and plonked him on one of his own dance tracks.

So I say, those of you who are suffering from a case of the January blues, seek yourself some sunshine medicine in Hallman and Elwin’s “What Do We Do to Love.” Go ahead, press the play button and spend the next three minutes on a sunny beach, anywhere in your mind takes you.

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