Photo: Alex Walsh

I am newly initiated into the new-wave gravitated realm of Brooklyn based trio, Pop ETC, who are currently about to release their sophomore album “Souvenirs”.

Now I have heard the outfit’s most recent vibrant promotional cut “What Am I Becoming?“, I am beginning to wonder just what have I been missing out on for so long.

Coming in as I am, as a new listener, I am all at once confronted with the full on synthesizer buzz and hammed up glam guitar licks which comfortably meld together to form a sprightly apocalyptic pop sound re-visited of the 80’s post punk fall out.

Whilst bands such as The Cure and Echo And The Bunnymen slanted towards the gothic end of the alternative pop spectrum, others like Adam And The Ants, Classix Nouveaux, Gary Numan and Tubeway Army went at it doused in more than a little glitter and face paint.

When seeking some throwback inspiration, Pop ETC have gone with something which pertains to the industrial clunky groove that served the bolder set of the New Romantic experimentalists. Although I cannot fail to notice that even though the sound Pop ETC serve is so strongly associated in retrospect, they haven’t so much gone the whole hog themselves and prettied themselves up with a few heavy duty strokes of the guy liner. I mean, come on we’re almost veering into the current The 1975 territory here in sound aren’t we?!

The image doesn’t quite tie in with the fuzzy song that they serve, which is a bit of a pity, but anyways there is enough 80’s post-punk identity spilling out of the pedal-to-the-metal approach on “What Am I Becoming?” to justifiably readdress the balance.

I must confess it’s quite making me wanna lacquer up my hair and cut loose like Toyah, Siouxsie and Debbie Harry as Blondie actually. Somehow I can’t quite see Pop ETC reaching for the industrial strength Elnett themselves though.