Mr Little Jeans

Regretfully so it seems Norway’s Mr Little Jeans debut album “Pocket Knife” passed me by when it was released last year, but by the same token I probably wasn’t flagged up on it’s happening as it doesn’t appear to have been marketed to all territories.

Like eurgh massive fail huh!

As under her artist name Mr Little Jeans, Monika Birknes had previously created a profile of some scintillating creative promise and actually made London her home for while when she first began to break through to some notice.

Now for the good news!

This very day Mr Little Jeans has shared a new song online & even better it’s available to everyone.

Not so sure if the track in question “Waking Up” comes in introduction to a new album but I do know that the Scandipop chanteuse is about to issue a new EP and embark upon a tour of West Coast America all to soon.

On the plus side, “Waking Up” is a pretty good slice of whimsically dreamy directed synth-pop to behold and it certainly goes some way to re-engage Mr Little Jeans back on our new music radar also.

Now how about all of Mr Little Jeans upcoming new music being available to all to purchase – worldwide. That would be very nice too wouldn’t it! Just a thought, there!

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Waking Up” by Mr Little Jeans