By Mandy Rogers

What a surprise from new Norwegian duo Hands

Hakon and Sofie offer insight to a unique combination of their widened musical tastes through casio beated Canadian synth force Grimes and into electro dance sirens Robyn and Rihanna.

The duo have absorbed into their music a rich and culturally diverse mix brought together by their native Norwegian roots in Bergen and it’s fruitful electro pop forebears of Annie and Royksopp. To marry with the eclectic blend of British sounds found in Hurts, Katy B and a barrage of Pete Hofmann produced dance pop melodies from their new now adopted homeland here in London.

Whilst the pairing are currently recording their debut album with the same aforementioned well sought after producer Pete Hofmann, we get a preview into it’s sounds cape via new track “Wake Up” – which is fully demonstrative of the musical diversity, as it winds through sleek urban grooved vocals crossed over with a stylish swish of glacial synth layering, in turn freshening up the r’n’b fusion into a notable epically charged dream woven ballad of incomparable composition, that lends the listener off into a sonic realm of floaty tranquillity and karma.

Begging that Hands  fresh approach to eletro pop is definitely one we wish to keep on track of.