Most people will be familiar with John Newman for his distinctive soul vocals. Hit songs “Love Me Again” and “Come and Get It“. Collaborations with Rudimental “Feel The Love”, Calvin Harris “Blame”, and Sigala ft Nile Rodgers “Give Me Your Love”, among other career highlights. You might have heard about John’s public announcement in 2020, saying he was hitting pause on his solo music career. Well, from the embers (see what I did there?), of the first chapter of his music career. John Newman returns, reinvigorated with new drive and purpose. DJing, producing, and dance music is where the John Newman v2, is at.

The NME has run an exclusive video interview with John. It is a good watch. John speaks openly and candidly about what has been going on for the past two years concerning his life and music-making. I wholly recommend you check it out HERE.

The comeback track is the no-holds-barred dance banger “Waiting For A Lifetime”. This track is credited to John as the performer, songwriter, and co-producer, alongside in-demand producer Mark Ralph (Years & Years, Clean Bandit, Tom Walker). As far as I’m concerned (even though John doesn’t care about chart positions, just putting out music that he wants to make), “Waiting For A Lifetime” is the first big anthem of 2022.

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Euphoric piano-house is the best way of describing the music style of this release. Those hearing this track for the first time will likeliest recognise John Newman as the vocalist. His involvement on the production side will also surprise them, yet be a good revelation, I hope.

John has been in this situation before. He knows how vital it is to unleash an impactful debut release. “Waiting For A Lifetime” has it in spades.

I have one question… does this mean will we see John Newman at Tomorrowland?

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