I've always had an appreciation for the gender-bending pop perfection that London trendsetter Viktor has brought to pop music. His track "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" was a nu-retro gem that was hugely underated that should have had legendary appeal with it's 80's Dead Or Alive sensibility.

Alas, that track has been put to bed and one would have thought that could have been the peak to his career in pop.  No no no, EQs, I can assure you that Viktor isn't done making music.  His latest track "Nothing Makes Me Happy Like You" is a feel-good triumph with shades of Jimmy Somerville and Erasure thrown in to make it a must-add track to add to your collection.  It's glittery, synthesizer 80s gold.

Take a listen to it, below!  Also check out the fun fun fun video to "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" after the jump – I haven't even seen it until a few days ago!