When we shared our thoughts on “Uptight DowntownLa Roux’s lead single off of the highly anticipated sophomore album “Trouble In Paradise”, one point we recognised with regard to the track was the side-step away from the familiar electronic sound that we have come to fully associate with previous La Roux releases, in favour of a noticeably more heavily guitar chugging framework which supports this release.

Its difference of character of course, subsequently lends the track wider open than normal to receive remix interpretation of an electronic calling upon it.

Stepping up to the gate to re-size the track into a blitz of electronic wonderment, is Cherry Cherry Boom Boom the alias of musician, songwriter, producer and Cherrytree Records founder Martin Kierszenbaum, who eliminates the guitar orientated direction of the original edit in favour of introducing some fancy rad, nu-disco EDM bounce into the equation and in turn re-designs the ambience of the track to that of an arrangement embraced by a pounding and engaging riff of electro-house imagining.

When asked for some insight into his re-working of the track Cherry Cherry Boom Boom had this to say:

“I love the timbre of Elly’s voice. It sounds exuberant, urgent and futuristic all at the same time. I sat at my keyboard and played what felt right around it – something slightly menacing but still with a pop-dance feel. The bouncy synth motif came to me rather quickly. That hand clap stack, though, took me hours to craft!”

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, certainly has delivered the track re-invented in a cool-ass blast of electro friendly persuasion which holds the capabilities of rendering the listener under it’s spell of hypnotic allure all within quick succession of a few bars of this of this mesmerising mix playing out.