Never has there been a more fitting term which applies to an emerging act than “Unstoppable” is to newcomers Halem.

It’s only been a hot quick minute since we’ve become introduced to Katy and Reece yet, they are letting the bops come thick and fast at us with an unprecedented third track by way of their latest “Unstoppable” landing in a month.

Now in these two, it is wholly apparent that they are pretty much bossing it to their own dance floor filling, club beats. Whilst, taking a font of inspiration from the club classics which have stood the test of time, to further add a tiny dose of this into their rich palate of disco arranged abandonment.

With each and every track drop, Halem are getting us pumped in their scorching hot beats even the more, with “Unstoppable” tipping the scale in tropical house juiciness. It’s good to see an emerging production based duo such as Halem experimenting in subtle amounts as this because it transitions with some fluidity and foregoes the blaring obviousness of a new act establishing what is to be their sound. Halem appear knowledgeable enough with the capabilities in place to cover all bases. And so to our minds they are really acing it.

If you’re looking for something to help you get your party onto, look no further than “Unstoppable” by Halem and in no time at all, it’s pleasurable and pop infectious allure will have to ready to go for a night out of stomping, shenanigans and general good blow-out of only on the weekend excessiveness.