Multi-faceted Californian born, Idaho raised artiste Kaden James has been cutting his teeth in a number of creative endeavours over the past few years, which has seen his artistic career concentrate on acting, modelling, as well as, honing in as an emerging singer/songwriter.

The unsigned artist especially peeking some interest with the US TV networks securing tracks including “A Boy Like Me” to hit TV shows “The A List – New York”, “The Hills” and “The Real World“.

With so many areas of creative output opened up Kaden has had to divide his time appropriately to accommodate growth within each artistic arena and as such word on new music material has been on the low for a while.

In a bid to raise his music profile further, Kaden has just recently signed up with the crowdfunding platform Angels Like Rebels who seek to highlight fan funded album campaigns. Although no such campaign seems to be in action as yet for Kaden, a handy pointer on the site reads next round of funding begins April, 2016 which leads me to surmise that a full campaign launch program for Kaden’s music endeavours is within touching distance on the horizon.

Infact, a little bit of traction appears to have already surfaced, a new single “Turn U On” released just recently to digital platforms see’s the singer/songwriter again immersive with the fizzing electro pop sound and production collaboration of Gabe Lopez.

Taking inspiration from previous efforts “Turn U On” strikes up a notch in the sultry vocal stylizing, where Kaden shows most growth as a music artist. There is a noticeable Justin Timberlake timbre in his sexy pop delivery which adds to the seductively erotic vibe of the track. “Turn U On” is oh so seriously packing heat! And seems like a sure-fire electronic pop worthy tune with added booty call tendencies which won’t do no harm in seeing Kaden gets noticed some more.