Say SAy

Much to my relief, and from the content that is making its way through to me, I’m very much in the zone whereby I’m seeing that there has been a justifiable upturn in the quality of synth-pop breaking through of late.

Maybe it is the arrival of summer that has brought it on, but whatever it is that has chased away the brooding chasms of identi-fit synth-pop that so rapidly multiplied in their numbers, I’m more than in the happy place right now with all this shimmery touched synth-pop that is coming to light.

It’s been said often enough that in regard to the U.S., L.A. pretty much has a hold on this particular brand of electronic pop although, I can’t altogether with hand on heart say that I’ve been made aware so much of a numerous number of new acts to note that are making their way up, out of a shrouded level obscurity in recent times.

In now being alerted to the hook laden synth-pop of L.A. duo Say Say I don’t consider that we’re late to the party as it is only now that they have dropped their dazzling encrusted debut EP “Prelude Of A Dream” and if I have ever so much lately had the cause to use the term Bobby dazzler then it definitely would be applicable when referring to Say Say’s debut EP.

There is a bounty of synth-pop goodness to get down our ear drums from Say Say and as good a place to start from as any comes via the voluminous melody hued track “Turn Back Time”.