It really didn’t take me ever so long to be swept by the glitter dust strewn, disco skewed presence of Girl Friend. As they’ve tapped into a sound that is so appealing to me whilst, not being so obviously over polished with the full disco decadence to reeling in favourably of impressing a grittier realistic edge.

Maybe as I see it, Girl Friend’s take on disco doesn’t associate itself with the likes of keeping the clubbers at Heaven, Ministry Of Sound or G-A-Y revved up in heated dancefloor ecstasy nor is it a D-I-Y set-up at the local working men’s club, but it’s definitely somewhere in-between of that. Definitely chic, with an air of exclusivity though and somewhere where you’d not look out of place fashioned up in sequins or sparkly posh attire.

As with all of Girl Friend’s releases Amory and Eleanor take centre stage in providing the fittingly complementing indie cool vocals but of the other mysterious band members hidden behind the array of synth-tastic wielding instruments these go beyond names and are now regarded by me to be synonymous of them.

What is also another given, is that Girl Friend aren’t anyway done yet in covering the night-life theme and throwing highlight on the modern quirks which surface of going out for a good ole night on the town. Be it clubbers paradise or the community centre, the preface and essence is the same and pretty much applies to either where you’d care to shake your boogie pants.

Girl Friend are playful in their lyricism to a greater extent and this is what I adore most about them. This time around they poke a little fun into the proceedings in their oh, so now familiar nonchalant manner, by bringing to light what it looks like to the observer, when spotting the reluctant party goer. Whose, perhaps feeling a little out-of-sorts but nevertheless coerced into tagging along with their friends anyways or simply there to make-up numbers. The realism will kick-in at some point and at the expense of a night out might well appear to be looking out-of-place, a real case of “Tragic On The Dancefloor”!

Girl Friend can seemingly light-heartedly mock all they like, but I think it’s largely because they know, that we know they already have the upper-hand don’t we? Being that their uber cool take on discotasticness is so resoundingly infectious. Every time out!