Glasgow’s newest pop proposition Kloe completes on a triology of buzz tracks which first began to surface at this point last year.

Having received massive support for darkly poignant debut track “Grip”, which saw the teenager instantly round up the attention onside of Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart. Kloe who recently inked with IAmSound Records / Columbia looks set to put closure on her early offerings and begin the inroad into a full campaign launch.

With the sum of three tracks to her name, Kloe goes in for a third cut of melancholy imbued synth-pop formed of sonically spacey soundscapes which culminate in the majestically poised new release “Touch”.

Kloe’s vocals although whispy, hold within them a surge of powerful statement which play into a repose of melodically dramatic alignment. Engineered in bittersweetness “Touch” further navigates into the realm of heartbreak pop as highlighted upon also by previous offerings “Grip” and “Feel”.

We do get a sense that Kloe is now on-the-cusp of something perhaps even more upscaled in dramatic presence, she’s certainly shown that she has the capabilities to go the distance and be seriously considered as a future alt-pop queen.

!!UPDATE: since this feature was written the track has now been edited down to a preview clip on Soundcloud – FULL version of the track can now be listened to by visiting this link!