We have been on a mission to fall in big with Databoy since we first became aware of them all of five years ago now!

The duo’s ascent has been on the rise for plenty sometime, and we even felt so much to bump one their cheeky electronic-pop tunes “Stupid” onto our inaugurally curated, digital music completion “This Beat Is Poptronik Volume 1” a while back.

We last caught up with these two going large into the sounds of dancefloor bangerdom assisting DJ/producer Kid Massive on his club killer cut “Good Girlfriend” and after going in for more of the same by way of another “Daylight” in collaboration with Kid Massive, off they popped to the studio to put down a new album.

The wait on this new material had become an extended work in progress but aside from their own project you have to pay these guys their dues as they’ve also been penning sounds with Owl City and The Chainsmokers over this duration.

2016 is the year that Databoy rise up like a phoenix though, as in showcasing new single “Top Of My Lungs” via the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, they’ve only scooped the top honours to themselves. A heartily congrats boys!

Not hard to see why, as this new bop is popfection personified. A real crowd pleaser that’s down on it with the infamous Databoy infectious hooks intact and sparkling their cheery mightiness all over.

Did I just say this is a real crowd pleaser? I believe I so did! In sharing news of this new single the guys have also announced they’ll be playing it out some at SXSW along with more of their as yet unveiled new electronic-pop ditties.

Sounds like it might be a get off our heads, party invite to us – hey we might even be in it to win it. Our own SXSW schedule of new acts to check out in Austin is filling up, so it is.