Canadian up-and-coming new artist David Spekter charted a full sized, mega cool debut with his first track “Mutual”. Impressing with both its strong musicality and danceable dark pop vibes, the Torontonian made his way into the limelight under his own esteem and with a good showing of being an all-round tunesmith and performer with a great deal of foresight and vision.

The follow-up by way of smoocharoonie “Thnkn”, is equal amounts of thought provoking dance-pop pleasure, again mapped out with a good strong sense of sonically developed melody as its driving force.

Even though the beats, this time around are mellowed out, spacier and turned-down a notch into mid-tempo ballad territory, it suits the reflective mood of the song and its emotionally geared narrative of hanging onto the embers of a previous relationship. As thoughts race through the mind, recollection fuels the desire to rekindle the spark that perhaps went out a shade too early on a burning candle that once led the way to love.

In terms of execution, musicality and composition, David Spekter shows again that he is on-point and focused in his direction. Adding a new dynamic of accomplished and polished, sterling pop production into this, only goes to identify more of David’s diversity as an artist.