Just on time, as entry into Q2 is all but around the corner, London electronic pop trio Nero have today unleashed the first real electro –bomb to shatter our ears in eargasmic pleasure since what feels like forever and everness.

We can take much insight from the title “The Thrill” as this hulk of EDM presence is by and large bomblasting it’s dirty bassline at us with all the gusto of an electronic tsunami intent in sweeping up listeners that come into its roaring path of electro-magnetism.

Hold onto your hats electro-heads, exciting times are ahead! As the press release reads “Notoriously secretive, NERO are gearing up for something huge. 2015 already holds a plethora of surprises from the band. The Thrill is just the beginning

Ooo we just loves it, when secrets come in full-bodied EDM shaped guises such as this one! Very Very, much bring Q2 on!