The disco mirrorball has really been set to spin this year and it’s hardly been any time since Giorgio Moroder took upon building a contemporary re-visitation of retro futuristic disco profusions with his collaborative cast “Déjà Vu” project.

At the backbone of EDM there will always be a reminder of the heady days of classic disco emergence to draw upon and ceasing the day on some further nu-retro disco revival step forth the NERVO DJ twins Mim and Liv.

More commonly known for dealing out sexed-up electro house bangers, in announcing their debut album “CollateralNERVO come armed with three forces of disco-pop branding on board featuring together Kylie Minogue, The Scissor Sisters – Jake Shears and Nile Rodgers.

Bow down to NERVO everyone as how could the result on this be anything less than pumped up in disco chic hotness. “The Other Boys” sees’ the vocal pairing of Jake and Kylie rocking the roof off of this song with their super sexy harmonizing whilst, NERVO and Nile Rodgers in turn cast their sassy production grooves and guitar funk rhythms into the dancefloor glitz of it all.

The result is one of pure, high octane disco rapture of the kind to grind your hips for.