Adam Lambert

The countdown to Adam Lambert’s pop palooza long playing effort “The Original High” is headed into the final days before its release and so the promo machine has really kicked in hard on this one now, as we all anticipatedly await it’s full shiny pop giving newness to become ours to own.

A full stream of the album ahead of the release became available stateside yesterday and fortuitously for us our pop blogger contributor Luis was able to fill us in on all the reveal in a quickfire review via EQ’s newest social media outlet Viber.

If that itself couldn’t have left us outside of the US in desperation to snag a listen in to more of the content that the US where getting in on first, I can tell you now that the feeling we are bubbling over even more so of now is that the global pop arena at large also needs this too to colourize our lives right now!

And so to in some way enable a little more of the glambert joy to be spread worldwide a stream of the “The Original High” title track has swiftly made an appearance by surfacing online and acting its part as the final countdown instant grat tantalizer before the album arrives.

Part hazy dance jam, part sleekly gleaming pop “The Original High” effortlessly assists to showcase Adam’s powerhouse vocals enveloped in a gauze of EDM heated euphoria and more than excites in its dance accented presence to carry us on through until the dance pop sized album offering proper arrives.