By Jordan Meehan

Okay, guys. I never really get to blog about my favorite rock bands because well…this is a pop-centric blog but bear with me on this one! I'm a HUGE fan of Muse and when I heard that some of the songs on their upcoming new album The 2nd Law would be inspired by electronica and dubstep I had a major freakout. I always love it when a rock band experiments with electronic sounds and if any band can do it right, it's Muse.

Yesterday the rock band released a new song, Unsustainable, onto Youtube as a teaser for the album. This song was used a few months ago for the album teaser, but we never got to hear the full track. Finally, though, the day has come and let me tell you this track is INSANE! It's a crazy kind of blend between cinematic soundtrack music, rock and dubstep and is absolutely out of this world. Since this track is stuffed full of electro-goodness, I thought you'd all enjoy it, especially if you like quality dubstep and grungy electro music (opposed to listening to Skrillex pump out the same song over and over).

Listen to Unsustainable below and get their new album The 2nd Law when it comes out on October 1st!