By Mandy Rogers

From the second I heard Glasgow trio Chvrches first
tentative electro powered offering “Lies” back in the spring of this year, it
was an instant, this band could be amazing moment for me.  Seemingly from out of nowhere, these Glaswegians
who nobody knew little about, burst colourfully online most notably through the
awareness raised via the hot tastemakers of Neon Gold Records and captivated a
growing listener audience of dedicated electro-heads, of which I was one.

Chvrches sure checked all my “yes” boxes, the display of true
throbbing electro greatness signalled that the chemistry between the three band
members (each of whom, had previously been in various local bands) into a force
to be reckoned with, and reason enough why they were plucked from almost
internet obscurity to be championed as EQ Discovery worthy.

The response from the electro thirsty audience has proved
that Chvrches have something that us electro crazies crave and I have simply
been hungry for more! 

Now with an online and live presence established the band
unleash their debut single “The Mother We Share” a suitably buzzing, electro
delicious, synth propelling number of pop crafting, electronically steered by
Iain Cook
and Martin Doherty.  However,
the bonus in their electro pop greatness comes from front woman Lauren
sweetened dreamy vocals that melt and float above the electro heavy
sound.  A trusted recipe that bands such
as Dragonette have coursed and followed, to much demand and success as we know
ourselves, as massive fans here at EQ.

I think Chvrches, who are now distinguishing themselves with
a “v” instead of a “u” are on a similar path of heated blogging activity, if
these first two internet debuts are demonstrative of the potential capabilities of this