Young Empires

Photo: Kyle Thompson

Canadian three piece Young Empires are really striking a chord with me today, since their new single “The Gates” has perked up my inbox by exhibiting a malleably defined profusion of stadium rock propulsive energy accentuated by a wafting use of dreamy synths. All of which just happens to be one of my favoured grittier type of indie sought sound combinations.

Garnered firmly on a cinematic wall of sound and building of almost percussive strokes of melody to begin with before breaking into a thrilling eruption of exhilarating euphoria, “The Gates” really has it all going off, and mores to the point it all balances out pretty much seamlessly as an end result.

Much like a hybrid of Empire Of The Sun, Fenech-Soler & Prides together, the Toronto based trio tackle this intrinsic mix with such aplomb that it’s hard not to get swept up in its path of festival ready fierceness without succumbing to the overwhelming urge of obediently punching the air.