With enough material already recorded to fill a commendable EP, dance producer dlüx (formerly Armand Deluxe) and vocal heavyweight SIRPAUL have thankfully teamed up once again to unleash their fifth collaborative effort, “Sweat“, following previously released memorable tracks including “Touch Me” and “Digital Love“.

People may start to wonder if the magic the two effortlessly create will start to disappear, but the pair defy the odds by only getting better with time as the steamy, raunchy, not-so-subtle dance track showcases dlüx‘s maturer side with a slower tempo and pulsating beats as SIRPAUL describes the events of a one night affair. “Sweat on your body, got your loving wrapped around me, ooh you know you’re such a tease, when you’re down on your knees,” the featured artist sings as the production transports listeners to a 90s-inspired dance floor, sure to get temperatures rising.

Sweat” is both explosive and unique, deliciously explicit at the same time, but still contains a sound that screams for radio airplay and may be the mainstream hit dlüx needs and deserves. The producer provides infectious beats that continue to showcase his growth and ability to keep things fresh while SIRPAUL‘s ever-impressive vocals come off dominant and controlled as he seductively breathes life into the catchy production.

If this is the finished product the pair can deliver their fifth time around, we at EQ have no problem with a future full album release from dlüx and SIRPAUL. “Sweat” is a solid dance effort from an artist who is just getting warmed up, ready to explode when the time is right!