Hendryk & basty in berlin sun

You all know about my tiny love affair with The Snoopy Lads by now.  Well the duo thought it would be a good idea to make EQ a bit jealous by sending over this picture of them in sunny Berlin to share with all of you.  And it just so happens that their new single and remixes with the brilliant Bastian & Lime called "Sun" is out right now on iTunes amongst other fine digital outlets.

I love "Sun" – it's kinda like a trippy and weird little track that reminds me of Roisin Murphy a tad bit.  I know I constantly compare The Snoopy Lads to Roisin, but really the similarities in their music and general sense of style are quite interesting – and if you haven't yet downloaded their seminal album "A Ruby In Blue" yet – you really ought to…see even their album titles just conjur up Mizz Murphy!

I digress, but take a listen to "Sun" below and if you like it – you can get it on iTunes along with their back catalogue.  And thank you Snoopy Lads for giving us a little bit of sunshine and skin to brighten up our day – it's fucking grim in London right now you bastards!  Just kidding – air kisses…

Download "Sun" by The Snoopy Lads vs. Bastian & Lime on The Snoopy Lads & Lime & Bastian - Sun