Art: Robert McGinnis

Does newly formed synth-pop duo Midnight To Monaco make for an interesting collaboration?! … of something that is pinned down towards the left-of-field bracket and yet also by the same token is instantly wonky pop appealing. To my mind at least, the answer is a resoundingly piping hot yes!

It is an introduction which hears out a beautiful cacophony of sonic layered resonating sound desecending in captivatingly undulating waveforms.

Imagine if you will the californian surf-pop sound that The Beach Boys brought to the fore, only Midnight To Monaco go about translating it’s do-woppy demeanour through the character of synthsized electronica.

Who could be behind such a thinktank of quirky vision such as this? Well in actuality it comes from the collaboration of Canadian vocalist named Ricky Ducati with that of LA-based Australian Songwriter/Producer Donny Sloan. Sloan also being previously involved for his part in collaboratively penning mega hits for Empire Of The Sun – “Walking on a Dream” and “We are the People”.

Now you’re firmly in the picture of where this curiously manifested synth-tronic melody emanates from, what goes on of its narrative, being that it carries a none-so chirpy title “Suicide”? We all know music can be a powerful sensory catalyst which can prove to pretty much act in part as a mood-changer. Therefore, my findings with regard to this debut effort lead me in assumption that this particular track rings true in seeking some form of self-help steered through music therapy.

Anyways, Midnight To Monaco speaks to me in my kind of life outlook that music and laughter alone can act as good medicines for the wellbeing of the soul.