The 80’s slipped by her even before she was born but that hasn’t stopped Nottingham lass and aspiring new pop starlet Bianca from immersing herself in the era designed of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Pat Benetar, when moulding a sound for herself to debut.

This music making lark isn’t all new to Bianca as she was previously in the semi-chartbound girl band Parade who successfully cut into the charts with their debut single “Louder” back in the day.

So all lessons learned from her time in Parade, Bianca strides forth with the beginnings of a solo venture coming through in buzz track “Step It Up” which was co-penned by between Bianca, Mr Ali Love, Anu Pillai (Ladyhawke, Little Boots, Roisin Murphy) and Eliza Doolittle, which is quite a cast of plenty to have on board, we think you’ll agree!

Gravitating into the grooviness with a retro-disco feel of early Madonna circa John Jellybean Benitez, “Step It Up” yields upon the “Desperately Seeking Susan” era of the pop icon.

And thus, Bianca arrives on the scene tailored with a polished club orientated sound with “Step It Up” which is ripe, retro-tastic and elastic enough to be subjected to plenty of remix attention.

For the first tune out of the bag it’s a pretty impressive one!

With the promise of much more to come being as Bianca is working towards her debut album with pedigree industry types the likes who have collaborated with:- Spice Girls, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Britney, Cheryl Cole and Christina Aguilera.