Junior Prom

Having been under the EQ Music Emerging Artist spotlight last year, the Brooklyn duo Junior Prom ushered in indie flushed electronic rock which abounded with happy vibes and distinctively innate dancibility.

Here is a duo who have found their most compatible style of unabashed and dynamically giving sound. A veritable cylone of electronic meets indie pop enrapture that when set-off against one another, duel it out to an exhilarating climax of popcentric awesome sauce.

And after a year of promoting debut EP “Sheila Put The Knife Down” the boys are back to it in formidable form on “Stand!“.

There are rousing pop ditties springing up all over the shop, but Junior Prom take much from their name and shine beyond it in an uber dazzling fashion on “Stand!“, which see’s them achieve a confetti cannon like fallout of uninhibited dance pop realness. That is the most buzzy call up to the dance floor that we’ve encountered in quite some good time.

Here’s the duo’s Mark Solomich to explain in a little more detail the narrative and lyrics :- “It seemed I was always meeting people who wanted to be famous, but had no discernible talent. They weren’t singers, actors, artists, fire jugglers etc. They just wanted to be known worldwide for their shining personalities and fabulous lifestyles. It struck me as the oddest thing at the time, but obviously it’s been a common thing for a while now. Everybody wants to stand a little higher above the crowd. Nobody wants to be the one sitting on the porch while the party’s raging inside.

Oh yeah well thanks for the insight Mark, but I rather think you’re describing in accuracy the current run of Celebrity Big Brother UK. And whilst, I have no desire to be entertained by the likes of these fame hungry wannabes, Junior Prom’s song about them is something that takes the edge off their deplorable shenanigans and gives me every good reason to shoot them down whilst having a sing song and a bop.